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If you’ve enjoyed The Last Concubine, you will love the film Ooku, set in the women’s quarters of Edo Palace. You can see a bit of it – and the costumes etc of women in the women’s palace – in the following clip. NB the makeup, as always in historical dramas, is modern and therefore wrong – no black teeth!

Sadayakko’s magnificently baroque house in Nagoya, Futaba Palace, is now open to the public and is a museum to her.

Here is a website that takes you to old Edo:

A Virtual Tour of old Edo

And two great websites that take you to the Inner Mountain Road (Nakasendo):

Nakasendo Highway – A Journey to the Heart of Japan

Hiroshige – Kisokaido Road

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Lesley’s page at the Historical Writers’ Association – the HWA.


Arthur I. Miller – my husband – is a science writer extraordinaire and author of Einstein, Picasso, among much else.

Humphrey Hawksley is a leading BBC foreign correspondent, author and commentator on world affairs.

Adam Williams is the author of three acclaimed historical novels set in China.

Kirsten Ellis is the author of a wonderful new biography of Lady Hester Stanhope – and the mother of my godson.

Gaye Rowley (G.G.Rowley) is a friend and the translator of Autobiography of a Geisha among other wonderful works on Japan.

Alison Chan Downer is my sister and an artist and painted the Keith Haring Room at the Tate.

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